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New NoLimits 2 Preview Video

While fans of RollerCoaster Tycoon anxiously await news about their beloved franchise and long to know if they’ll ever see a RCT4 game, another popular coaster simulator’s fans are also waiting for the next version of their game. The good news for them is at least they KNOW they are getting a new experience, they just don’t know when. What other software am I talking about? NoLimits is a very popular roller coaster creator and simulator package due to it’s realism and the ability to create 100% unique coasters. NoLimits 2 has been underdevelopment for a few years with small bits of news drip fed to us. Today, we get our best look yet at the new features of NoLimits 2 in this preview video:

NoLimits 2 Features

As you can see, the full power of NoLimits 2 powerful scripting engine is on display with the complex light patterns and movements of the fair ride (yes, you will be able to have an entire theme park, not just coasters!). The new features of NoLimits 2 include:nolimits 2

  • ¬†Scripted movement of scenery objects
  • Animated and sequenced light panels
  • Scripted and sequenced lighting effects
  • Camera movement scripts
  • Rider view camera
  • Day/night time transition
  • Dynamic light effects
  • Motion blur

Even without an RCT4, the future of theme park software is looking pretty bright with Theme Park Studio and NoLimits 2 on the horizon. Join our email list and we’ll also keep you up to date on the NoLimits 2 release date.

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