Listed below are my RollerCoaster Tycoon Tools and Resources. Additionally, I rely on a number of products and services in my everyday life. Below is a list of all the tools I use, a description of each, and where I employ them at so you can see for yourself how they work. If you’re thinking about starting your own blog, website, newsletter, or business I highly recommend using these services:

RollerCoaster Tycoon Resourcesrollercoaster tycoon tools and resources


Theme Park Books

Books by Nick Weisenberger

Theme Park Websites and Blogs

  • Coaster101: Your online destination for all of the ins-and-outs and twists-and-turns of roller coasters and the amusement industry. 
  • Screamscape: From new ride announcements, construction reports and the latest rumors, Screamscape always has something new to report.
  • Observation Wheels: Statistics, pictures, videos, and more information about the world’s largest Ferris wheels.

Theme Park Apps

  • Guess the Coaster – This challenging twenty picture quiz is intended for hardcore roller coaster enthusiasts.
  • Disney Park Picture Quiz – How well do you know your Disney Theme Parks? Scratch off the picture of a Disney theme park attraction, guess what it is and choose the right answer. The less you reveal, the more points you score! Each quiz is composed of ten randomly selected images. Play multiple times and get different pictures.
  • ThemePark: Build and interact with unreal roller coasters and rides, by Electronic Arts.

Website Tools

  • Namecheap: Very affordable site to quickly and easily register your perfect domain name.
  • Hostgator: Website host with easy to use, 1-click automatic WordPress installation, and excellent customer service. Highly recommended for your first site. Use coupon code “RCT4RELEASE” for $9.94 off!
  • Aweber:  The internet’s most powerful email opt-in service and email marketing/broadcasting tool. This is what I use to build my email newsletters.
  • Kontera: Make money by placing relevant in text ad links on your sites.
  • JustCloud: Backup and protect your computer files online in the cloud and access them from anywhere at anytime. Awesome service for when I want to switch between working on the desktop to the laptop, or get a file when visiting the in-laws.
  • oDesk: Outsource website for freelancers, writers, artiests, programmers, and others. Some of the articles on my web sites were written by Virtual Assistants hired on oDesk, freely me up to do more important tasks. oDesk makes it very easy to find the best person for the job available.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). These are all things that I have experience with that I am recommending because they are helpful and are companies that I trust, not because of the commissions that I may earn from you using these products. Please do not spend money unless you feel it’s for something you really need and will help you reach your goals.

Thanks for reading about my RollerCoaster Tycoon Tools and Resources. Some of these premium services do come with a price (just being honest here), but seriously I wouldn’t risk mentioning them here if I didn’t know they work great and will save a lot of people time and money. To get even more tips or resources join my email list using the form below:

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