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Theme Park Studio Early Release

The Theme Park Studio Early Release version is not available to download on Steam (the Kickstarter backers were emailed a key from Pantera. You have to create a Steam account, download Steam, then go to Games>Enter a Product key to access Theme Park Studio). While the game is still in the very early stages of development (and not much of a game at all at this point) it’s easy to see the power and potential of it as they add more and more features. Below are a few screenshots from pre-built parks you can load and play with.


theme park studio early release



RCT versus Theme Park Studio

So the question everyone wants to know is how does Theme Park Studio compare to RollerCoaster Tycoon? The  biggest difference is the customization in TPS is off the charts and way above and beyond RCT. A good example of this is the path builder. You use paths to link rides and attractions in your theme park and they can be built as plain roads or ornate pathways with rails, lights and more.  In RCT, paths were pretty limited. You could only build in squares. With TPS, virtually anything is possible. Each path segment has its own terrain binding mode which causes hills to be flattened to let a path pass through, or causes hills higher than the path to flatten and terrain beneath the path to rise and support the path. Toggle on or off parts of the road, including the roadbed, the left fence, the right
fence and the sidewalks. You can auto generate objects to automatically be placed at intervals on or alongside your paths. The amount of options is astounding and the ability to make a lot of things all at once will be a big timer saver compared with placing everything one at a time like in RCT.


theme park studio

I can’t wait to see more from TPS in the future. What do you think of the game so far?

Theme Park Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

W / Up Arrow: Move Forward

A / Left Arrow: Move Left

S / Down Arrow: Move Backward

D / Right Arrow: Move Right

Shift + W: Raise Elevation

Shift + S: Lower Elevation

Q : Rotate Counter-clockwise

E : Rotate Clockwise

Shift + Q : Rotate Upward

Shift + E  : Rotate Downward

X / + : Zoom In

Z / – : Zoom Out

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