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Xbox’s ScreamRide release date announced

The new Xbox exclusive roller coaster simulator game, ScreamRide, is now set to launch on Xbox 360 ($29.99) and Xbox One ($39.99) on March 3rd, 2015. You can see from the look of the design software that Frontier, the former developer behind RCT3, are also behind ScreamRide, as it features very similar¬†style menus for the track style selection.¬†Shacknews recently went hands-on with ScreamRide, trying out each of the game’s three branches: riding, creating, and destroying. The game is set in an amusement park-style environment, where the object isn’t just to ride roller coasters, but also to potentially wreak as much havoc as possible along the way.

screamride release date xboxEmbedded below is a video from GameSpot showcasing the coaster building elements.

Are you looking forward to ScreamRide?

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